Motorcycle Mini Nitrous Oxide Kit Pocketbike Gas Bike 50-250 cc w/ 5 NOS Bottles for Sale

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Fits EFI & Carb'ed Engines

MicroBurst Nitrous Oxide Injection Kit

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is the simplest, least expensive way, to provide a significanthorsepower boost to your engine, and add performance you can feel in the seat.

Notice how the plastic type blocks the hand grip.

Plastic Type Ours

Ours is Anodized Aluminum that does not obstruct being able to grip the handle bar while installed

MicroBurst Nitrous Kit & Boost Bottle Kit Includes:

  • MicroBurst NOS GO Button Dispenser
  • (5) 20cc Nitrous Chargers
  • UV Resistant Zip Ties
  • 5 ft of 3/16 Clear Poly NOS Hose
  • Black Velcro Strap for easy NOS charger replacement
  • 3/16" 90 Degree Nozzle & Tee poly fittings for Nitrous and Boost Bottle Install
  • Re-purposed 20cc Boost Bottles (The used 20cc nitrous chargers are re-purposed as 20 cc boost bottles. Bottles are plain silver, ready to be painted.)
  • 2 Ft of 3/16 Clear Poly Boost Bottle Hose
  • Complete Instructions for Nitrous Install
  • Complete instructions for Boost Bottle Install (Note: Only works on 2 stroke engines)
  • Engine Tuning Tech for 4 and 2 Strokes, to get the Optimum performance from your Engine
  • Installation Support - If you need assistance with installation or have a question we are there for you. We also send instructions in any language, just request it.

Nitrous Benefits (2 & 4 stroke engines)

  • More Peak Horsepower

  • More Low End Torque

  • Low Cost Performance

  • Easily Transferrable

  • Easy Installation

MicrBurstN20 installations are very easy, literally only taking a few minutes with basic hand tools to install.No wiring needed.

  • Fuel Mileage and Drivability

Boost Bottle Benefits (for 2 strokes only)

  • More Low End Power

  • No Maintenance Performance

Nitrous Explained

Nitrous oxide attacks the problem of how to get more oxygen into the cylinder from a different angle, don?t change the amount of air the engine can breathe by forcing air in like a Turbo or Supercharger, but increase the amount of oxygen it can breathe. Air contains only about 20% oxygen, where nitrous oxide contains about 36% oxygen. If you add nitrous oxide, you increase the total mixture?s oxygen level significantly, which allows for up to a 50% increase in oxygen level. That's a huge increase in POWER. The nozzle mounts on the airbox or airfilter where it sprays a fine mist of nitrous that is then drawn into the engine through the carburetor. This allows the nitrous to be naturally aspirated into the cylinder instead of being forced, which is much friendlier to the motor and allows the nitrous to be used in a much wider range of throttle and rpm settings.

An interesting side effect of using nitrous oxide is the cooling effect it has on intake temperatures. When released from 6 Sigma's pressurized container, nitrous oxide temperature drops to around negative 129 degrees, which will cool the overall intake charge by up to 75 degrees, resulting in even more horsepower.

The big advantage of nitrous is that it provides power on demand at the touch of a button. Otherwise, you don't even notice it's there.

Boost Bottle Explained

It's function is to absorb & release pressure pulses within the intake vein, assisting engine breathing of a 2 stroke engine. During the intake stroke, air is sucked through the intake manifold and into the port at a considerable velocity. Because of this velocity with the air's mass, it has inertia. When the intake port closes, the kinetically charged air suddenly has nowhere to go, creating a high-pressure area. Naturally, the air wants to release its pressure in the easiest way possible, so it tries to shoot back out the way it came, creating a pressure wave in the opposite direction of the intake direction. Then no sooner does the wave begin to travel, the intake port suddenly opens again leaving the motor to try and pull the pressure wave back in again. This dramatically effects the lower RPM power band, wastes energy, and kills low-end performance.

Now with a BOOST BOTTLE, Air goes down the manifold until the intake port closes. The air, still all charged up with energy tries to escape back up the manifold but is met with a small port that has a residual vacuum. This vacuum being caused by the previous suction of the intake stroke, sucks most of the pulse inside the Boost Bottle, storing much of the pulse's energy. The intake valve then suddenly opens, creating a low-pressure area outside of the Boost Bottle. The gasses then shoot out of the Boost Bottle, directly into the intake system as a pressure pulse, instead of having to be pulled in by the piston. More air is then also pulled in from the manifold to completely fill the cylinder? Thus giving you an additional boost of power. These have been Dyno tested and proven to work, they show more hp increase on the low end, some hp increase at mid rpm, and a little hp increase on top end. Boost bottles work best in conditions where a rider is constantly going from full throttle, to closed throttle, then back to full. like on a motocross track, or very small tight road course.

You Must be at Least 18 years of Age to Order this kit.


  • Domestic orders will ship in 1-3 days and take about a week to receive from the date payment is made.
  • International orders ship in 1-3 days and take at least 2 weeks, up to 5 weeks, to receive from the date payment is made. (Other than Italy and France)

Italy and France

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The kit comes with complete instructions for installation. It is very easy, just take it slow and pay attention. It is a straight forward process, and we offer full support. Only basic hand tools are required.

Fair and Honest Guarantee
Our goal is to provide a quality upgrade for your Bike/Scooter/ATV at a reasonable cost. If you receive your kit and have questions please contact us and we will do what it takes to ensure your satisfaction. We have worked to keep our overhead low and are able to pass along those savings to our customers, hence the price differences. And we Engineer products that are very cost effective.
Q: Can I simply bolt a MicroBurst N20 kit onto my stock engine?
A: Yes. In fact Stock engines are often best!Q: Do you ship international, and how much?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide, for $18.42. Make sure it is legal in your country.Q: How much performance improvement can I expect with a nitrous system?
A: Depends on how you set it. You simply choose!Q: How long can I hold the Nitrous button down?
A: It depends on how large of a shot you are giving the engine.

Q: When is the best time to use nitrous?
A: At wide open throttle.Q: Can I install this kit?
A: Yes, you can install it, don't be intimidated if you've never done this before, only very basic skills are needed, and it has instructions with full support. Q: How long does it take to install?
A: A few minutes, up to an hour, depending on your skill level.Q: Does this kit come with everything I need?
A: Yes, it is a comprehensive performance upgrade kit.

Q: Will this nitrous kit work on my Fuel Injected or Carbureted A: Works on both carbureted and fuel injected enginesQ: Where can I get more NOS bottles?
A: We sell themQ: What effect does nitrous have on an engine with considerable miles on it?

A: Mileage is not an indication of engine condition. Worn engines may be a problem, high mileage will not be.
Q: What are the advantages of using nitrous compared to other performance options?
A: The cost of many other performance options can put you in the poorhouse. You can't buy more performance with less money than nitrous. With a 6 Sigma Nitrous System, performance and reliability can be had for a much more reasonable price while retaining the advantages of a stock engine during normal driving. And, nitrous offers tremendous gains in torque without having to rev the engine to excessive rpm's. These factors help your engine last longer than many other methods of boosting horsepower.

Refund Policy

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The nitrous jet orifice size varies, depending on your make and model, as does the inlet nozzle for the airbox/filter position, so make sure you buy the correct one, or let us know what you have. That is why we have listed each one separately.


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