Header Seal, Convertibles For Plymouth Valiant 1963-1966; HD 4500-A for Sale

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Price: $117.50

Header Seal, Convertibles For Plymouth Valiant 1963-1966; HD 4500-AHeader Seal, Convertibles For Plymouth Valiant 1963-1966; HD 4500-AHeader Seal, for Convertibles. 67-1/2\" Long. Each

Condition: New
Warranty: 30 Year
Brand: SUPERsoft
Quantity: 1 Each

Fitment Information

We guarantee 100% that this item will fit the vehicles below, or we'll provide a hassle-free return.

1963 Dodge Dart
1964 Dodge Dart
1965 Dodge Dart
1966 Dodge Dart
1963 Plymouth Valiant
1964 Plymouth Valiant
1965 Plymouth Valiant
1966 Plymouth Valiant
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