Chrysler LeBaron & New Yorker Headlight Motor Repair Rebuild Kit (2 Sets) for Sale

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Price: $1.49


If you find your LeBaron or New Yorker blinking orstaring at other cars becausethe headlights won\'t go up or down then mostlikely it isn\'t flirting, it\'s telling you it is time to rebuild its headlightmotor.


Don\'t throw away $100-$200 buying a new motor. 99%of the time the headlights fail due to deteriorating bushings. If you can hearthe motor turning but the headlights don\'t respond this is your problem. Thegood news is you can very easily rebuild your own headlight motor using basictools with my rebuild kit, which includes 6 bushings (enough to rebuild twomotors) and step-by-step instructions, in about an hour or two. I haverebuiltmany headlight motors using this kit and you too can save muchodinero with my kit.


-I added a few notesbecause I noticed several unscrupulous sellers on Ebay are propagating myths totry to pump sales of their inferior rebuild kits.

1) Delrin is just a hardplastic under the name brand of Dupont. It\'s nothing magical...Sorry!

2) OEM bushings were NOTDELRIN. They were a gel that would harden over time and just disintegrate intoa powder. Any seller telling you he is selling \"OEM bushings\" or thathe\'s selling \"Delrin just like the factory ones\" is LYING. OEM NOSbushings would have hardened and disintegrated on a shelf after 30 years justlike the ones in your motor. The OEM bushings fail due to AGE not usage. I hadthe OEM motor bushings disintegrate on a car I own with just 3000 originalmiles on the odometer.

3) My bushings are Nylonwhich is superior for this application than Delrin. If you want the winner forstrong, durable, wear resistant, temperature resistant material, then you\'llwant my kit, not Delrin!

- Wear resistance: Nylon issuperior to Delrin

- Strength: Nylon is 20%stronger in tensile strength than Delrin

- Temperature Tolerance:Nylon is superior to Delrin

- Delrin is better in someapplications but not for these motors. For instance it is better if you\'re 3Dprinting, or machining...things you don\'t care about.

See the comparison chart inthe listing pictures. Do a search on google if you don\'t believe it. Here\'s agreat site that compares the materials:

4) Lifetime warranties:Some sellers are offering a gimmick that they will offer you a lifetimewarranty on their bushings. A lifetime warranty on a $5-10 part? It\'s going tocost you just almost as much to return the part as it would just to buy a newone. And who knows how long this seller will be around, and whether he\'ll\"remember\" you and honor his \"warranty\". I even have seen aseller selling steel bushings and offering a lifetime warranty. Folks of coursesteel will last forever even if it tears up your gears and motors, so he neverwill have to honor his warranty. LOL

5) I have been selling motor rebuild kits on ebay and off ebay for over 20years. In fact most of the guys you see on ebay copied my kit. Often buying mykit and copying my directions then pretending they\'re an innovator.

6) When I first developedmy kit it was because I didn\'t like the existing options out there. Iindependently and I thoroughly researched what material to use and decided forMY CARS, nylon was the best material and I wanted it on MY CARS. I offered itfor sale to help others because no one else was selling these at the time. IF Ihad thought Delrin or steel were better I would have chosen those for MY CARSand for a kit to sell you, but they are inferior. The guys pumping thosematerials chose them because they can get them CHEAP and because there is amarketing myth that people think Delrin is some magical material and unwarybuyers eat that up. They have sold out for $.

7) I use what I sell. Ihave rebuilt my own motors for cars I own and plan to own for 50 years. Irebuilt my own 3000 original mile car\'s motors with the same kit I sell you. Ihave owned cars I\'ve rebuilt the motors on for 25 years or more. The kits havebeen in continuous use for over 20 years in one of my cars and over a decade inothers, without a single sign of failure. I am confident the bushings in my motors willoutlive both the car and me.

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