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Price: $21795.00

This auction is for a remanufactured S62 8 cylinder engine with unlimited miles 1 year warranty. If you are looking at this listing you probably know this is one of the gems of the BMW Motorsport engines, but also one of the most complicated and time consuming ones to rebuild and maintain properly. We have more than 100 hours labor in this engine which exceeds the dollar equivalent asked for it. You are paying for our countless hours of dedication to bring this gem of am engine to factory condition. From a thorough head rebuilding including secondary air channels cleaning to rebuilding the Vanos components and getting all tolerances above the factory specs, this has been a tedious task that took more than 7 months start to finish. With the parts [un]availability nowadays it may be out of question to take on another project like this anymore. Don't miss your chance to own this fully restored engine.
We at Bawaria specialize in rebuilding BMW engines. Our goal is to provide properly remanufactured engines without cutting corners and keeping the price affordable at the same time. All the cores are carefully disassembled and all parts are inspected for wear and damage. Only the parts that are in great condition are reused in the rebuilds. Everything is carefully cleaned and inspected again before assembly. all seals, timing guides and chains, piston rings and bearings are replaced with new OE or OEM parts, or parts from reknown performance parts manufacturers.We adress the known weak sides of every engine to ensure longevity and maximum performance.-ACL race rod bearings for extra clearance-PTG top coated pistons to lower the heat transfer between the piston and the hot gasses in the cylinder-APC coated pistons. APC (Abradable Polymer Coating) coating builds the piston skirt to a tighter tolerance and along with the plateau honed cylinders allows for a very fast break-in of the engine and much tighter piston to cylinder tolerance than stock, resulting in a superior piston ring seal.-Total seal piston rings
-New front and rear crankshaft seals
-New head gasket and head bolts-New timing components-New valve stem seals-Completely rebuilt Vanos unitsRegardless of the total shortage of parts, we do not use any Chinese parts. We are sourcing most of our parts from Europe. The engines come with installed brand new OE or OEM spark plugs and rebuilt and flow tested fuel injectors and a used OEM valve cover with CCV diaphragm replaced.Core deposit of $5000 is not included in the price. You will be sent a separate invoice to pay for the core. All cores are inspected upon being received and depending on the condition full or partial core refund will be issued.CORE REFUND CONDITIONS:
We are in the business of rebuilding engines, not selling used engines. In order to conduct this business we need to keep a large volume of cores. We charge core deposit which is partially or fully refunded after the core has been received and evaluated by us. Unlike other rebulders, it's not our policy to make money on the core deposits, we always do our best to refund the customers as much as possible. We don't charge for small parts missing or damaged, we only evaluate the 3 main parts- block, head and crankshaft.
S62:-block $3000-head, 2x $200-crankshaft $800-vanos unit, 2x $750WARRANTY CONDITIONS:
In the era of extremely complicated powertrains we are trying to give our customers an option to install a freshly refurbished engine, instead of a junkyard unit in unknown condition and mileage. It is by no means an easy task and requires a lot of determination from both engine builder and engine installer. We provide a long block rebuild to the maximum degree for the price it's offered, but there are a lot of subsystems that along with the long block engine consist the powertrain. Every subsystem is no less important than the longblock and some are crucial for the proper functioning of the powertrain. We always advice that the components known for failure are being replaced when a rebuild long block is installed. That includes water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses, valve covers, o-rings, seals and gaskets and many other components. The health of the newly installed engine depends on a proper cooling, oil supply and properly functioning intake and exhaust system. We provide warranty for our product, but the validity of the warranty depends on the proper installation and initial start-up of the engine and the various subsytems.Our remanufactured long block engines come at prices 25-35% of the OEM supplier crate engines. We are doing our best with the quality control, but you can't expect OEM quality at 1/3rd of the price. We estimate that our rebuild engines have 80-90% of the resource of the OEM supplied engine, which makes it a great bang for the buck.We provide 1 year unlimited miles non-transferable warranty to our customers.Conditions of the warranty:-Receipt from an installer with a properly documented car VIN, mileage and parts that were replaced along with the long block.-We don't provide any coverage for the labor of installation or diagnostic of the installed engine.-We are liable for amount up to the price paid for the long block. In case of warranty claim the engine has to be delivered to us in the way and form that it was delivered to the customer.-We can't work on the engine in the car if it has not been installed by us.-If there is installed any aftermarket part related to tthe powertrain the warranty is void.-If there is is installed any non original ecu calibration (tune) the warranty is void.-If there is installed any aftermarket performance enhancing part(s) or software the warranty is void.-Any modification that will void the original manufacturer warranty will also void our warranty.-If the engine was installed by us it's recommended that the oil changes are done in our shop. If the customer lives far away from us we can agree the oil changes to be done at another shop specializing in BMW and they are properly documented.
In case a problem arise with the remanufactured long block provided by us, we will make our best effort to assist you with diagnosing the problem. We may be able to provide a replacement part, special tools or tech support to help with solving the problem without sending the engine back to us. If it turns out that the problem is not caused by the the remanufactured long block that we provided or our craftsmanship we are owed compensation for our time and parts, if any are provided by us.In case you have to file a warranty claim please present the following:-Description of the problems with the powertrain, the more details the better.-Diagnostic printout of the issues with the powertrain, may include fault code printout, compression test, leak down test, pictures, etc.-Receipts for oil changes specifying the miles and the oil/filter used.

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