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The turbocharger was invented by Swiss engineer, Alfred Buchi, who had been working on steam turbines. His patent for the internal combustion turbocharger was applied for in 1905.

A turbocharger is an exhaust gas driven compressor used in internal-combustion engines to increase the power output of the engine by increasing the mass of oxygen entering the engine. A key advantage of turbochargers is that they offer a considerable increase in engine power with only a slight increase in weight.

A turbocharger is an exhaust gas driven supercharger. All superchargers have a gas compressor in the intake tract of the engine which compresses the intake air above atmospheric pressure, greatly increasing the volumetric efficiency beyond that of naturally-aspirated engines. A turbocharger also has a turbine that powers the compressor using wasted energy from the exhaust gases. The compressor and turbine spin on the same shaft, similar to a turbojet aircraft engine.

The compressor increases the pressure of the air entering the engine, so a greater mass of oxygen enters the combustion chamber in the same time interval (an increase in fuel is required to keep the mixture the same air to fuel ratio). This greatly improves the volumetric efficiency of the engine, and thereby creates more power. The additional fuel is provided by the proper tuning of the fuel injectors or carburetor.

Turbochargers spin between 80,000 and 150,000 rpm depending on size, weight of the rotating parts, boost pressure developed and compressor design. Such high rotation speeds would cause problems for standard ball bearings leading to failure so most turbo-chargers use fluid bearings. These feature a flowing layer of oil that suspends and cools the moving parts.

To manager air pressure, the turbocharger exhaust gas flow is regulated with a wastegate that bypasses excess exhaust gas entering the turbocharger's turbine. This regulates the rotational speed of the turbine and the output of the compressor. The wastegate is opened and closed by the compressed air from turbo and can be raised by using a solenoid to regulate the pressure fed to the wastegate membrane. This solenoid can be controlled by Automatic Performance Control, the engine's electronic control unit or an after market boost control computer.

A lag is sometimes felt by the driver of a turbocharged vehicle as a delay between pushing on the accelerator pedal and feeling the turbo kick-in. This is symptomatic of the time taken for the exhaust system driving the turbine to come to high pressure and for the turbine rotor to overcome its rotational inertia and reach the speed necessary to supply boost pressure. The directly-driven compressor in a positive-displacement supercharger does not suffer this problem. Conversely on light loads or at low rpm a turbocharger supplies less boost and the engine is more efficient than a supercharged engine.

Turbocharger Kits Greddy HKSTurbocharger Kits

  • Greddy Turbocharger Kits
    GReddy Bolt-On Turbocharger Kits are designed specifically for driveability and reliability, as well as performance. With a GReddy bolt-on turbocharger kit, you can obtain instant horsepower gain with less time and money and still have the potential for upgrading. Since they are based completely on stock engines, these kits come with all the necessary basics, including fuel enrichment. If competition use is your goal, there are many GReddy upgrades to boost the power output even further, such as: intercoolers, blow-off valves, fuel management and boost controllers.
  • HKS Turbocharger Kits
    Every HKS Turbo, Turbo Kit, and other turbo related components, from the HKS sport & GT turbos to the HKS cast iron turbo manifolds & Turbo Set-Up Kits, are all race proven and engineered with the highest standards in performance, function & reliability.
  • APS Turbo Kits
    APS have over twenty years experience in designing and manufacturing turbocharger and intercooler systems combined with an extensive background in EFI engine management systems for select 4X4 and performance passenger cars.
  • Turbonetics Turbo Kits

Turbo Kits Available on eBay

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T3 T4 T04E Universal Turbo Kit Stage III+Wastegate+Turbo Intercooler+piping 10PC

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BLUE B18 DC2 Integra GS-R Bolt-On Turbo Kit T3/T4 CHARGER KEEP AC PW 245HP@10PSI

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GT45 T4 Turbo Kits 600HP+ 1.05 A/R Turbine Turbocharger + Intercooler + Piping

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T04E T3 A/R 0.63 400HP UNIVERSAL TURBO W/ Oil Line+Intercooler +Piping Pipe Kits

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KA24E for Nissan 240sx Pickup D21 T3/T4 Turbo Kit Manifold Intercooler BOV Blue

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Turbo Kit LSX Performance Upgrade GT45 T4 10pc LS1 LS2 LS Camaro Pontiac GM

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FOR Honda Civic Si 2012-2015 K24Zx K24Z3 K24Z7 T3 MANIFOLD TURBO KIT INSTALL WG

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Vortec LS V8 5.3L 6.2L LSX Hot Part Manifold Turbo Kit Cross T4 LC9

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T4 Turbo Setup Kit For LS1 LS2 Pontiac Chevelle Camaro LSX SWAP Chevy 5.3L 6.2L

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06-11 Civic Si 04-08 TSX Accord K24A T3T4 .63 Turbo Kit Manifold Intercooler CH

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T3/T4 Hybrid Turbocharger Kit T3 T4 Turbo -4an Line Kit, pipe SS Kit, BOV

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BMW 323I 325I 328I E36 E46 M50 M52 T3T4 .63 Turbo Kit Manifold Intercooler Red

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