VW CC Eos GTI Jetta 2.0T Timing Chain Kit TSI TFSI Audi A3 A4 A5 A6 Q3 Q5 TT for Sale

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Price: $184.97

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2.0T Timing Chain Kit TSI TFSI

This set includes guides, tensioners, and chains to complete your timing chain replacement for your Crank, Cam, and Balance Shafts

This is the latest updated OE tensioner,

Crankshaft Tensioner isOE

All other parts areLubeck

Not all engine codes are the same, it depends on the production date.

CAEB- some may require a different guide rail, chain tensioner and/or oil pump tensioner

CCTA- some may require different guide rail(s), timing chain and/or oil pump tensioner

CBFA- some may require different guide rail(s), timing chain and/or oil pump tensioner

CDNC- requires a different chain tensioner and guide rail

If you need a balance shaft gear Click Here.

Sku Number KIT 1342 MFG Part Number 06K 109 158A, 06K 109 158AD, 06K 109 467K, 06H 109 467AE, 06H 109 469AP, 06H 109 469AH, 06H 109 509Q, 06H 109 509P, 06H 109 469AQ, 06H 109 469T, 06H 103 483C Compatible Part Number Compatible Engines

*Attention! Please check Fitment Chart Below. We don’t take responsability if wrong part is ordered. Do not rely on Ebay Fitment Tool

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Fitment Chart for 2.0T Timing Chain Kit TSI TFSI AudiA38P 20082.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20092.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20102.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20112.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20122.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20132.0T - TSIFWDAudiA38P 20092.0T - TSIQuattroAudiA38P 20102.0T - TSIQuattroAudiA38P 20112.0T - TSIQuattroAudiA38P 20122.0T - TSIQuattroAudiA38P 20132.0T - TSIQuattroAudiA38V 2014+1.8TFWDAudiA38V 2014+2.0TQuattroAudiA4B8 2009 +2.0TFWDAudiA4B8 2009 +2.0TQuattroAudiA5B8 2008 +2.0TQuattroAudiA6C7 2012 +2.0TFWDAudiA6C7 2012 +2.0TQuattroAudiQ32015 +2.0TFWDAudiQ32015 +2.0TQuattroAudiQ52009 +2.0TQuattroAudiS32015 +2.0TQuattroAudiTTMK2 20092.0T TSIFWDAudiTT ConvertibleMK2 20082.0T TSIFWDAudiTT ConvertibleMK2 20092.0T TSIFWDAudiTTMK2 20112.0T TFSIQuattroAudiTTMK2 20122.0T TFSIQuattroAudiTTMK2 20132.0T TFSIQuattroAudiTT ConvertibleMK2 20122.0T TFSIQuattroAudiTT ConvertibleMK2 20132.0T TFSIQuattroAudiTTMK3 2014 +2.0TQuattroAudiAllroad2010 +2.0TQuattroVolkswagenNew Beetle2012 +2.0TFWDVolkswagenNew Beetle2012 +2.0T Gen 3FWDVolkswagenCC20082.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20092.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20102.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20112.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20122.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20132.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenCC20142.0T TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20112.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20122.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20132.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20112.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20122.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenEOS20132.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK5 20082.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK5 20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK5 20082.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK5 20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK6 20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK6 20112.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK6 20122.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf/GTIMK6 20132.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenGolf RMK6 20122.0T - TSIAWDVolkswagenGolf RMK6 20132.0T - TSIAWDVolkswagenJettaMK5 20082.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenJettaMK5 20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenJettaMK5 20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenPassatB6 20082.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenPassatB6 20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenPassatB6 20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenPassatB6 20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20092.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20102.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20112.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20122.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20132.0T - TSIFWDVolkswagenTiguan20092.0T - TSI4 MotionVolkswagenTiguan20102.0T - TSI4 MotionVolkswagenTiguan20112.0T - TSI4 MotionVolkswagenTiguan20122.0T - TSI4 MotionVolkswagenTiguan20132.0T - TSI4 MotionVolkswagenTiguan2014+--

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