Tesla Mobile Connector Charger Nema 5-15 Model S 3 X Y cable SAE BAG OEM USA for Sale

Price: $219.95

Tesla Mobile Connector Charger Nema 5-15 Model S 3 X Y cable SAE BAG OEM USAThis is Original Oem Tesla Product
Ships out of USA
What's included ? Exactly pictured
Package includes:
- Tesla Charger 32Amp 1101789-00-J 120V -240V
- Tesla Nema 5-15 120 Volt Standard Usa plug- Tesla zip up bag
This charger also supports level 2 charging with different adapters such as the Nema 14-50 that is not included in this package Only what is pictured is included
This is in working Conditions all working
In stock in hand ready to ship

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