OEM# 392102C210, 392102G200 New OEM Replacement Oxygen (O2) Sensor for Sale

Price: $18.0

YR430S      OE Replacement with Highest Quality Guarantee Product Image: Product Image (Plug): Product Description Item #: YR430S Oxygen (O2) Sensor OEM# 392102C210, 392102G200 Fits: 1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010-2014 L4 2.0L Engine (Downstream) 2. Hyundai Santa Fe 2010-2015 L4 2.4L Engine (Downstream) 3. Hyundai Sonata 2009-2010 L4 2.4L Engine with California Emissions Engine (Downstream) 4. Hyundai Sonata 2001-2014 L4 2.4L Engine (Downstream) 5. Hyundai Tucson 2011-2013 L4 2.0L Engine with California Emissions Engine (Downstream) 6. Hyundai Tucson 2010-2013 L4 2.4L Engine with California Emissions Engine (Downstream) 7. Kia Forte 2010-2013 L4 Engine with California Emissions (Downstream) 8. Kia Forte Koup 2010-2013 L4 Engine with California Emissions (Downstream) 9. Kia Forte5 2012-2013 L4 Engine with California Emissions (Downstream) 10. Kia Optima 2011-2015 L4 2.4L Engine (Downstream) 11. Kia Rondo 2009-2012 L4 2.4L Engine with California Emissions (Downstream) 12. Kia Sorento 2011-2015 L4 2.4L Engine (Downstream) 13. Kia Sportage 2011-2013 L4 2.4L Engine with California Emissions (Downstream)   Payment Secured payment solution with PayPal.   Return Policy   We will gladly accept return for defect item within 14 days of purchase. Item mute be in the original condition with YourRadiator packaging. We use verification system and all returns are subject to validation/ approval.   Shipping Estimate   USPS First Class Mail to all states. We also provide other shipping methods. Please contact our customer service for more details.   Our Warranty   Manufacturer Limited One Year Warranty Our products carry a Manufacturer Limited One Year Warranty against workmanship and materials under normal driving conditions as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle in which the parts were installed. Any alternations or problems due to improper installation will not be covered. In the event of failure due to defect in material or workmanship, the original purchaser is responsible for the cost of labor, antifreeze and any additional parts required for re-installation. All vehicles used for commercial use like police vehicles, rental vehicles or any other fleet vehicles are excluded from our warranty due to extreme conditions beyond normal usage. Also excluded from warranty are cooling products that have been altered, subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence or operating conditions other what such equipment was designed. This also does not cover damage to connection threads stripped during installation or any chemical effects of water, steam, or other liquid, gases or agents present in the system or operating environment of the equipment or the failure of the vehicle warning system. Flushing the system It is important to flush (Drain and refill) your vehicles cooling system before installing the new radiator. Failure to do this will void warranty. Distilled water is recommended to mix with your manufacturers recommended coolant. Evidence of hard water in the radiator will void warranty. Warranty Exclusions Warranty excludes commercial vehicles due to extreme conditions. 1. Improper installation: Damage as the result of improper or incomplete installation, or abuse by the installer. 2. Stripped threads: Cross-threading any fitting that results in damage to the threads. 3. Excessive heat is the most common cause of radiator failure. Radiators are very vulnerable to steam erosion. 4. Electrolysis: Aluminum is vulnerable to electrolytic corrosion because aluminum is a highly reactive metal. 5. Extreme Pressure: Splits in radiator seams or between the tubes and header may be the result of too much pressure in the cooling system.

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