Message 1st Front Bumper Cover Grille fits 2008 Dodge Magnum for Sale

Price: $399.99

Message Before Buying Purchasing Bumper has been repaired before Needs repair 2008 08 Dodge Magnum Front Bumper Cover with Grille Please view all pictures Has visible wear and scratches and will need to be restored and refinishing and painting will be recommended NOTE: Item will NOT, CAN'T BE shipped to your home or business address, it will be shipped to a Greyhound location for you to pick up.... TO AVOID ANY CONFUSION READ SHIPPING TERMS BEFORE PURCHASING THIS ITEM YOUR ITEM WILL BE SHIPPIED VIA: GREYHOUND PACKAGE EXPRESS (GXP) 1.Your item will be shipped to a Greyhound location for you to pick up. 2.The buyer must provide a valid phone number so that Greyhound can notify call you once the item is ready for pickup 3.SHIPPING VIA GREYHOUND PACKAGE EXPRESS (GXP) from 3 to 4 weeks in transit and delivery. 4.The estimated delivery dateshown does not apply to Greyhound Orders. 5.Please note that not all Greyhound locations participate in the GXP program. 6.Because of the high shipping cost, Greyhound shipping charges are not refundable. 7.By purchasing this item you fully agree to the term above and cannot open an item not received case with eBay until the 4 week period has passed. 8.By purchasing this item you wave all rights to file a claim with your CC Company for item not being directly delivered to your home or business address. 9.If you are not sure if this part(s) will fit your vehicle please send us your VIN# so that we may assist you. 10.This is a genuine dealer original OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part. 11. 100% recycled boxes & packing materials. 12.Handling period is 2-3 business (Mon - Fri) days or less. 13.The part number is for references only please make sure this part fits your vehicle! 14.Any major defects will be pointed out in the description or will be visible in the pictures published in the item. 15.What you see you will be. Not hardware included. 17.I dont have the vin to these parts. Not a junkyard. 18.By purchasing this item you agree to our terms and conditions and acknowledge that you have fully read and understood this ad and that you are 100% sure this part(s) fits your vehicle!! 19 Thank you in advance for your interest in our item, your business & consideration is appreciated.

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