Downpipe AUDI A3 1.8 2.0 TFSI 160PS 200PS 265PS 2004-2013 QUATTRO CAT EURO3 100C for Sale

Price: $879.00

RM MOTORS Company was established in 2008 through the merger of two companies specializing for several years in exhaust systems. In our offer you can find a wide range of automotive and motorcycle mufflers sport.All our products are made of very good materials are characterized by long life and corrosion resistance. It is mainly stainless steel and aluminum. Every day we deliver to our customers tens of faders via courier GLS and FedEx.We cooperate with many companies professionally dealing with the optimization of the performance of the car. We try to meet the demands of the market, the most recent standards and the latest trends.Downpipe designed only for:AUDI A3 1.8 2.0 TFSI 160PS 200PS 265PS QUATTRO (2004-2013)Pipe diameter: 76 mmdownpipe completely made of acid resistant steelevery single element of the product made using CNC technology24 months manufacturer's warranty for the producttwo lambda probe slotsCompatible engines: CCZB, CESA, BWA, CDLC, CDLA, CCZA, CDAA, BZC, BWA, BHZ, AXXCatalytic converter 100CPSI

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