Chrome Car Stainless Steel Rear Exhaust Pipe Tail Tip Round For Ford Fusion for Sale

Price: $13.13

Dear friend, before buying!
Please measure the caliber of the exhaust pipe of your car! If it doesn't fit, please don't place an order.DescriptionProduct Name: Car modified exhaust pipeModel: single tube bright silver straightMaterial: stainless steelSuitable for 1.5-2.2 exhaust volume tail throat shape: straight model useUniversal tail throat, suitable for the market exhaust pipe diameter of 5.3-3.8 cm [except for the small number] Most models can be selected according to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. The exhaust pipe is straight and is selected from the straight one, which is curved. The choice of the bend can be.[Determining whether the tail throat is suitable]The inner diameter of the tail throat interface is 63MM, and the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe of the automobile is measured. It can be used less than 58MM.Installation method: screw connection, loosen the screw on the tail pipe, then put the tail pipe in the proper position at the rear of the exhaust pipe of the car, and then tighten the screw with a wrench. It takes only 5 minutes to do it yourself!Package include:1x Chrome Exhaust Pipe【Tips】1. The distance between the tail throat and the bumper should be more than 2cm, so as not to burn the bumper at high temperature.2. Wear gloves when installing, just in case you are not injured.3. Do not install this product when the car has just stopped or started, so as not to be burnt by the exhaust pipe.

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