BMW E30 325i M3 E28 535i M5 E24 635 E34 E36 Wheel Hubcentric Ring Set 74-72.56mm for Sale

Price: $26.00

Hubcentric Ring Set(4)

This is aset of4 composite plastic hubcentric rings that will fit any 5-lug BMW made in the late 70's through at least the early 2000's. These hubcentric rings have an outside diameter of 74.1mm and an inside diameter of 72.56mm. The leading edge is tapered. Perfect for installing E39 wheels to your non-E39 model.

Why install hubcentric rings?

It is best to install a wheel with a center bore (the hole in the middle)diameter that is the same as the hub diameter of the car. A tightly fitting hub/wheel interface will lessen the chance of annoying wheel vibrations. All the BMWs mentioned above have a hub diameter of 72.56mm.The OEM wheelsinstalled on those carshad a matchingcenter bore so the wheels were centered on the hubs perfectly. This provides a nice smooth ride that sells cars.

The problem is that some BMW enthusiastswant to install larger and newer wheels on their older cars. Many of the newer OEM wheels (from E38 and E39 cars) have a center bore diameter of 74.1mm. When installed on a car with a hub diameter of 72.56mm, the wheel may not be centered about the hub and there will be a chance of a wheel vibration at speed. The solution is the fill the gap between the two different diameters with a hubcentric ring.

Are theserings durable?

These are high strength composite plastic that won't fuse to the hub or wheelas doalloy rings.When installed they will last for long time. Loose, they are somewhat fragile, so please use care when handling them.

What is included?

Included are4hubcentric rings, one for each hub.

How do I install them?

Installation is very simple. Just clean up the hubs, slide the rings on, and then install your "new" wheels. I recommend applying a dab of anti seize lube so prevent the wheel from adhering to the ring or hub itself.

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping is$4 in the US. International varies.

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