86-87 Turbo Regal Grand National 89 TTA COPPER Header to Turbo Gasket Leak Proof for Sale

Price: $27.99

1986 - 1987 Grand National & 1989 Turbo Trans Am (TTA)Embossed Copper Gasket for Exhaust Header to Turbo

  • We now have New Header to Turbo Gasket !!
    • This Gasket is for the Turbo Exhaust Inlet Side to the Passenger Side Exhaust Header.
    • This was never sold as a part & is not on a factory Grand National / TTA.
  • Helps Prevent a Common Leak Area.
  • This Copper Exhaust Gasket has a Unique O-ring Seal Around the Exhaust Port for a Tight, Leak-Proof Seal.
  • No Need for High Temp Sealants.
  • Made with Solid Annealed Copper
    • This Helps Even Out the Heat Flow Between the Turbo and Header Flange to Minimize Warping.
    • This will also Conform to Rough or Damaged Surfaces to Maintain a Good Seal and keeps the Header to Turbo Bolts Tight.

  • What is the need for this?
    • We had so many requests due to leaks we had it produced & have sold 100's over the years.
  • We also carry many other copper gaskets for your Turbo Regal / TTA like Copper Gaskets for the Exhaust Headers to Cylinder Heads

  • Fits:
    • 1986 - 1987
      • Buick: ALL Turbo Regal Models
    • 1989
      • Pontiac: ALL Turbo Trans Am Models

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