5x120 Staggered Wheel Spacers Kit (2) 15mm & (2) 20mm W/ Extended Bolts Fits BMW for Sale

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5X120mm 15mm&20mm Thickness Wheel SpacersHubcentric Forged Spacer for E36 E46 E90 E92 E60 318i 323i 325i 328i 330i 335i 525i 545i Thread Pitch M12x1.5 Hub Bore 72.56mm

YearWheel Bolt Pattern5x120mmVehicle Bolt per spacerThread PitchM12x1.5Quantity4pcs per setHub/Center Bore72.56mm HubcentricStuds10.9 Grade, stronger than OEM 8.8 GradeMaterial6061 T6 Billet Aerospace AluminumSurface TreatmentAnodized 1.Machined Finish using Forged 6061 T6 Aerospace Aluminum.2.Avoid using an impact wrench improper usage may cause damage to components3.Hub Centric Adapters= No vibration/wheel wobble at high speeds. 4.Avoid using an impact wrench improper usage may cause damage to components.5.Re-torque all lug nuts after 50-100 miles of driving, then again every 2-3,000 miles. 6.Make Sure You Get 5-7 Turns Before Tightening.INCLUDE:

4 pcs Hardware included & 20 pcs Lug Bolts



2004-2013 116d,118d,120i,130i

2004-2013 116i(2011-2013 116i Only fit 121hp)

2004-2013 118i(2011-2013 118i Only fit 141hp)

2004-2013 120d(2011-2013 120d Only fit 174hp)

2008-2013 123d,135i

2008-2013 125i( Do not fit 2011-2013 front wheel 195/55R16)

2011-2012 M335hp


1991 M3,M3 EVO II

1992-1994 318is

1998-2013 316i(2012-2013 316i Only fit 134hp)

1998-2013 318i

1998-2013 320d(Do not fit front wheel class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">1998-2013 320i(Only fit front wheel class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">1998-2000 323i

1999-2000 323ci,328ci

1998-2012 328i(2012 328i Only fit 230hp)

1999-2013 330d(2013 330d Only fit 241hp)

2000-2003 316ci

2000-2006 320ci,325ci,330ci

2000-2013 325i,325xi,330i,330xd,330xi

2001-2005 316ti,318ti,320td,325ti

2001-2012 318d(2012 318d Only fit front wheel class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">2001-2013 325xi

2003-2006 318ci,320cd,330cd

2003-2005 318td

2006-2011 320si

2006-2013 325d(2013 325d Only fit 201hp)

2006-2013 335d(2013 335d Only fit 282hp)

2006-2013 335i(_2012-2013 335i Only fit class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">2006-2013 335xi

2007-2012 328xi

2007-2013 320xd


1988-1995 class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">2004-2010 520i,525i,530i

1991-1997 520i Touring,525i Touring

2004-2010 525i Touring(2004 525i Only fit class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">1991-1995 525tds,525tds Touring

1992-1996 530i Touring,540i

1993-1996 518i Touring

1993-1997 525td Touring,540i Touring

1994-1997 M5 Touring

1995-1996 518g Touring

2003-2010 530d(2010 530d Only fit 241hp)

2003-2010 545i

2004-2010 525d(2010 525d Only fit 194hp)

2004-2010 525d Touring,535d,535d Touring,

2004-2005 545i Touring

2005-2010 520d(2010 520d Only fit 174hp/520d 161hp)

2005-2010 523i(2010 523i Only fit 188hp)

2005-2010 520d Touring,523i Touring,525xi,530d Touring,530xi,550i Touring,540i

2006-2010 530xd

2006-2010 550i(2010 550i Only fit 362hp)

2007-2010 525d xDrive,525i xDrive,525xd,520i Touring

2008-2010 530d xDrive,530i xDrive


2003-2010 630i,635d,650i


1986-2001 730i,735i

1987-2001 750i

1992-2001 740i

1995-2001 class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">


1990-1999 840ci,850i


1996-2003 class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 32px;">M3

1992-1999 3.0

2000-2006 3.2i,3.2i Cabrio

2008-2013 4.0


2005-2010 5.0,M5,M5 Touring


2000-2003 4.9i

Z4 Roadster

2002-2009 2.0i,2.5i,2.5si,3.0si,3.0i

2009-2012 s Drive 30i,s Drive 23i

2009-2017 s Drive 35i

2011-2017 s Drive 35is

2012-2017 s Drive 28i

2013-2016 s Drive 18i

2013-2017 s Drive 20i


2005-2011 5.0


2009-2015 18d(2015 18d Only fit 141hp)

2009-2012 23d

2009-2015 28i

2012-2015 35i

2012-2014 16d

2012-2015 18i(2015 18i Only fit 148hp)

20i(2015 20i Only fit 181hp)

25d(2015 25d Only fit 215hp)

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