4pc 40mm (5x114.3 CB66.1) for Nissan 200SX S14, NV200, Rogue, GT-R Wheel Spacers for Sale

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Price: $253.79

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4pc 40mm (5x114.3 CB66.1) for Nissan 200SX S14, NV200, Rogue, GT-R Wheel Spacers

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Important Notes:

Please leave us a note with your car model and year information when you bought it ,so that we can send you the item at once.Thank you.

Application( Bolt Pattern 5x114.3, Center Bore 66.1, Thread Size :M12x1.25 )


2. For a better shopping experience, it is important to measure the fender gap and confirm thickness before purchasing. Our friendly customer service will help you to solve any question.

● We Are the Factory and Provide OEM/ODM Custom logo Service
● ISO Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts, Strength ≥ 1282 Mpa, Safer
● Forged Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6 Shell, Better
● Free Equipped with Wheel Locking Bolts and Lock Key, Safer
● Shell Type Design, More Color Options, Personality
● High Shell and Short Shell to Choose From, Personality
● Anti-fouling and Anti-rust, Protection of Wheel Bolts, Safer
● Over 66 Test Reports by SGS TÜV Certificated, More Professional
● Worry-free 10 Years Warranty, Friendly Customer Service

1. What are the benefits of the “Lightweight Plus” design of BONOSS forged Lightweight Plus Honda wheel spacers?

The “Lightweight Plus” of wheel spacers means that the hollow design is further optimized on the basis of the traditional wheel spacers. It is an effective design that can effectively reduce weight and energy consumption, improves handling while ensuring safety and reliability. Compared with the previous generation product, the weight is reduced by 20%, the reducing unsprung weight helps the vehicle suspension system work more effectively. The overall acceleration of the vehicle and the overall comfort of the handling performance is better, and the driving is safer. BONOSS forged Lightweight Plus wheel spacers provide higher performance, more additional functions, fast customized service, and friendly service while maintaining a more friendly price, which is your best choice.

2. Why you need hub centric wheel spacers?

Hubcentric spacers offer a better system of support and stability. They are designed to make a snug connection between the wheel and vehicle hub, reducing the high-speed vibration. Based on traditional hubcentric spacers, BONOSS has optimized this design to further reducing the chance of high-speed vibration, it is called multi-stage hubcentric design. According to the actual test, the effect of BONOSS multi-stage hubcentric wheel spacers is far better than the common alternatives, which fit more perfectly, safer, and more stable.

3. Are BONOSS BMW wheel spacers safe?

Yes. wheel spacers are just the automobile accessories installed between the assembly hub and wheel, the wheel lugs apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub. Just like wheels, tires, and brake systems, as long as you use high-quality wheel spacers and install them properly, they are safe. BONOSS is always concerned about safety. Take the 5×114.3 wheel spacers as an example, we use forged AL6061-T6 material (tensile strength ≥310Mpa), modern CNC machining by 0.02mm tolerance, the multi-stage hub centric design fits the wheel hub better. Meanwhile, the matching wheel studs adhere to ISO standard grade 12.9, and ISO standard grade 10 lug nuts, all of our products have got more than 50 SGS TUV authoritative test reports. Compared with those cheap casting wheel spacers, BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers are safer, higher performance, and more professional in design. We believe more professional production offers more value for customers.

4. What’s the performance of the extended wheel bolts of wheel spacers? What does the BONOSS Engraved means?

The extended wheel bolts of BONOSS spacers applied high-strength JIS SCM440 steel material. They have achieved ISO standard grade 12.9, tensile strength≥1,282Mpa, limited life range test≥2,000,000 stress cycles without damage, ultimate tensile load≥152,000N, hardness (HV)≥395, NSS≥192H… Many competitors often use other brands of bolts and nuts in pursuit of lowering the cost, and these bolts and lug nuts are often only marked with metric units without brand engraved. In view of this, each BONOSS extended wheel bolt is “BONOSS engraved”, meaning these extended wheel bolts are made by BONOSS’s own factory, the quality is guaranteed, customers’ interests are protected, and BONOSS takes the quality responsibility.

5. What are the benefits of the knurling design on my wheel spacers?

The knurling design can enhance the aesthetics of the wheel spacers by introducing an attractive pattern to the side surface. In addition to aesthetics, there are practical features. Knurling patterns can enlarge the side area so that it can contact more air, boost the heat dissipation effect, and reduce the internal stress caused by machining. That means improving the performance, strength, and durability of the wheel spacers. BONOSS aims to provide wheel spacers with more additional functions, safer, higher performance, more professional design, and better installing experience, that is why we insist on independent manufacturing and continuous optimization of the design.

6. How thick wheel spacers do I need?

Here is a simple method: use a straight edge such as a metal ruler, place the straight edge on the outermost part of the rims where the wheel comes closest to the fender (preferably the top), then, measure from the outside wheel to the straight edge. This distance is the size spacer you will need to achieve the look that flushes or nearly flushes with the fender line.

Shipping Policy
  1. Which express will deliver BONOSS Wheel Spacers? How much does the shipping cost? Does it include import tax?
    After placing the order, BONOSS's shipping department will give priority to choose FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, or other express delivery for you,
    and then deliver your spacers as soon as possible. The shipping cost calculation is based on the shipping weight and volume and doesn’t including import tax.
    Also, the special service fees in remote areas are not included but will be charged in rare cases. If this happens, we will contact you in advance.
  2. How soon will my wheel spacers ship?
    Generally, existing Wheel spacers are ship within 24-72 hours, and the customized spacers are ship in about 3 days (some special custom orders or models may take longer).
    Once your spacers are shipped, we will provide you the tracking number in eBay. Please pay attention that if you have not received the tracking number or have other questions,
    please contact our friendly customer service staff.
  3. How soon can my spacers arrive?
    The general time is 3-7days, but may be affected by aviation, weather, politics, customs clearance, or other factors. But don't worry,
    because it usually doesn't take long, and we will follow up the whole process so that your wheel spacers can arrive faster.
Payment Policy Thank you for choosing BONOSS Wheel Spacers. In order to provide you with a more convenient, fast, and safe payment method,
BONOSS selects most of the popular international trading methods. If none of the payments below is suitable for you, please contact us for the solution.
So far, BONOSS fully supports the following payments:
  1. Recommend PayPal.
  2. Payoneer

Notice: Please ensure that the Billing details and Shipping address are completely correct, and welcome to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Return Policy We sincerely hope that our products bring a good experience and happiness to your life.
The return will bring actual interest losses to each other, we do not recommend this, but we fully respect your right to return.
We agree to a 100% refund for the product when the following conditions are met, but you need to bear the resulting freight and taxes.
  1. Within 30 calendar days.
  2. The product has not been used, the package is complete, and the product will not affect the second use.
  3. Customized products do not support returns.

If you have consulted our professional services before purchasing, and the product is not applicable due to our reasons, we will take the responsibility of returning the product(s)

Warranty Thank you for choosing BONOSS Wheel Spacers. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing wheel spacers since 2007.
Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a Super Long Warranty Service up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands.
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