2X 84-86 Pontiac Fiero Headlight Motor Repair Kit HD Aluminum Gear +Instructions for Sale

Price: $79.95

This kit repairs two (2) 1984-1986 Pontiac Fiero headlight motors left and right side.

Here is the best most complete rebuild kit that you will find to do a heavy duty rebuild of your 84-86 Pontiac Fiero headlight motors.

This listing is for two high quality heavy duty gear kit torepair stripped or broken OEM gears. This heavy duty gear kit will fortify the main weakness in your headlight motor which is the gear assembly. You will likely never have to repair a stripped or broken gear ever again. Ifyour headlight motor continues to runon after it has opened or closed, drops abruptly when closing or drains your batterythen this kit is what you need.

This kit includes a two new high qualityCNC machined hard anodized aluminumgear. This kit also includesnuts & bolts to replace the drilled out rivets in the case, 8bumpers/spacers that go inside the gear, two new output shaft O-rings, and two new output shaft nuts. The bumpers in my kit are firmer than others for better activation of the internallimit switch. Also included are the six side cover screws.

As a bonusI will also include six blister packs of high quality synthetic grease. This is the same high quality OEM grease that I use when rebuilding headlight motors for my customers. This is the correct grease for this application and is the same grease that was originally used when your headlight motor was manufactured. This grease has a high film strength so it stays put and won't run or melt with a effective operating temperature from -20 degrees to +600 degrees.Other sellers do not include OEM grease. WARNING! Beware other sellers passing off bearing grease as "GM Approved" for this application. Any grease that will flow or break down over time is wrong for this application and will eventually coat your brushes causing failure! Trust me I have seen this first hand.

If this kit does not solve your problem or you run into trouble you can contact me and I will be happy to apply the cost of this kit towards my rebuild service. NO OTHER SELLER ON EBAY CAN OFFER THIS TO YOU!

A hard copy of the instructions now included with every order.

Fits all 1984-1986 Pontiac Fiero. Please see the compatibility chart for vehicle compatibility. Ships same day if ordered before 12 pm eastern time.If you are looking for someone to do a full rebuild on your headlight motors then please see my other listings.
Thanks for looking!

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