2" x 50FT Exhaust Header Fiberglass Heat Wrap Tape w/ 5 Steel Ties - Purple (E) for Sale

Price: $24.79

Thermal Heat Wrap RollSteel + 5 Ties - 2" Inch x 50' Feet

Installation: This product is a universal application product. Please inspect and research where you are utilizing the thermal wrap. Works great for headers, exhaust, motorcycles, and many more applications

Dry application RECOMMENDED

PLEASE NOTE:Your exhaust wrap will smoke after installation, it will eventually stop. Smoke is a normal by product of the curing process; your wrap will not burst into flames. HP Color Exhaust Wrap will discolor after installation and turn brown; this is a normal part of the color coating curing process. The brown color will disappear; intervals will vary with exhaust temperatures. Cooler burning exhaust systems can take up to 5 days of normal use before the color coat completely cures hotter exhaust systems may take only 30 minutes.
  • Withstand temperatures up to 1800 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Can improve horsepower based on application
  • Will not shrink because of its material structure
  • Tight weave for strength and toughness
  • Added durability and heat retention
  • Brand New
  • Warranty2 years

This listing is for one thermal heat wrap roll with stainless steel and ties (Color Listed in the Title!). Thermal wraps for exhaust or headers is important for controlling temperatures and reducing the radiant heat under your hood. It can be also used for the exhaust to keeping the gasses hotter within the exhaust system. It will also help in decreasing density and increase the flow of exhaust gases. This will lead to a reduction intake temperatures. By using thermal wrap will be able to have in increase in horsepower based on the application. Our wraps are made of high quality temperature fiberglass composite material with durable coating to improve heat retention and withstand heat up to 1800 Degree Fahrenheit


- One Roll of Thermal Wrap and (5)-Stainless Steel Ties (Color Listed in the Title!)

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