BMW M3 M4 F30 F31 F20 F21 X4 X5 X6 M Performance Steering Wheel Nappa for Sale

Price: $450.00

The item fits BMW of:BasedModelYear1-SeriesF20, F212011 Onwards2-SeriesF22, F23, F45, F87 M22013 Onwards2-SeriesF462014 Onwards3-SeriesF30, F30 LCI, F31, F31 LCI, F34, F34 LCI, F352011 Onwards3-SeriesF80 M3, Alpina B32013 Onwards4-SeriesF32, F33, F36, F83 M4, F84 M42013 OnwardsX1-SeriesF48, F492015 OnwardsX2-SeriesF392017 OnwardsX3-SeriesF252010 OnwardsX4-SeriesF262014 OnwardsX5-SeriesF152013 OnwardsX5-SeriesF85 X5 M2015 OnwardsX6-SeriesF162014 OnwardsX6-SeriesF86 X6 M2015 Onwards
Item Description

  • Fully custom steering wheel
  • 100% Handmade
  • Made of high quality Italy NAPPA Leather
  • Long term durability
  • For more information please click on this link Facebook page - Moda Auto Parts
  • The item doesn't come with airbag, plate bracket, center trims, gear shifter paddles, multi-functional controls and any optional module!
  • If your vehicle model year is in the beginning or end of the listed MY(Manufature Year), be sure to provide us with the photo of your existing steering wheel.

Always attach us the pictures of your existing steering wheel via eBay or Facebook Message

  • MY(Manufature Year) of your car is in the beginning or the end of our listing MY
  • You are NOT sure about the model
  • Need the leather/wood in different color or confirm the color
  • Gear shifters on your existing steering wheel
  • Other requests
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  • Wrong product by seller's mistake
  • Unsatisfied quality
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  • Nature defects under moderate uses/normal conditions : Only pay costs of shipping
  • Human error by the user & Claim/request after the 15th day of product arrival: Only pay costs of shipping and materials of repair
Wrong order by buyer!
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