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Honda Civic 1-6 i-DTEC Sport
Honda Civic 1-6 i-DTEC Sport

Honda Civic EP2 1.6 VTEC- POV City drive in Germany ✔
Honda Civic EP2 1.6 VTEC Acceleration on German Autobahn POV (Top Speed 220 km/h - 193 km/h GPS) First Camera: Second Camera: Drone: POV Camera: POV Camera Filter: POV Camera Holder: POV Microphone: POV Camera Battery Pack: Time measuring Data Logger: Android Bluetooth GPS modul: My Phone: Phone used in videos: Phone Holder: Editing software: Accessory Kit for GoPro: MY CAR:

Honda Civic 1.6 iDTEC 0-210km/h acceleration, Top Speed and more
Honda Civic 1.6iDTEC 2014 Acceleration 0-210km/h, Top Speed, Acceleration with 3th-4th-5th-6th gear Honda Civic 1.6 iDTEC MY2014 (diesel) 120ps/4.000rpm, 300Nm/2.000rpm

Honda Civic 1.6 Vtec exhaust system flame
1:30 flame Honda Civik 1.6 Vtek Exhaust system 4-2-1 sport collectors Soon more videos with full throttle The engine is not the full throttle while driving