Xios Motorworks Tubular Turbo Manifold & 2.5 Downpipe Ford Zetec Focus & SVT NEW for Sale

Price: $250.00

Left over stock of Xios Motorworks Tubular Turbo Manifold & 2.5" Downpipe For Ford Zetec and SVT Focus (Mark 1).

Stainless steel, equal length, tubular turbo manifold for Ford Zetec engines, including the SVT variants. It has as T-25 flange to fit any of the many T-25 flanged turbos from the small T-25 to the  popular GT-28R and GT28RS dual ball bearing turbos, all the way up to the GT-3076R (aka 3037R) and all the variants in between.

The Downpipe is 2.5" with a progressive wastegate bump for smooth exhaust flow out of an internally gated turbo.

Unlike similar knock offs on the market (including eBay),th e turbo flange and the head flange have a reinforcement bar connecting them to help balance the turbo weight load on the tubular welds.

It was designed to fit in the Ford Focus engine bay but can also fit in other vehicles that share this family of engines (Zetec) in all its different displacements with some modification.

For SVT owners, the manifold requires the use oil dipstick tube from a regular Focus zetec from Ford.

Slimmer electric fans will be necessary as the addition of the turbo will add too much depth to the front of the engine to clear the rather thick and inefficient factory fans. Dual SPAL 11” high performance slim fans work well for this application.

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