Toyota 4.7 TRD V8 Supercharger 9th Injector Kit - Complete Kit 2UZ-FE. for Sale

Price: $11999.0

For sale: Genuine TRD 4.7l Toyota 2UZ-FE Supercharger Kit with TRD Piggyback ECU For use on non-VVTI engines. This is a direct drop on for all 4.7l 2UZ-FE Toyota engines up to and including model year 2002. For model years 2003 and 2004, you have to use a Unichip to run the 9th injector and you cannot use the TRD Piggyback ECU Vehicle had 98k when supercharger was removed. The oil has been drained from the unit to verify good internal condition and will need to be purchased separately and refilled prior to use. Includes: -TRD Supercharger unit (9th injector kit) -TRD Piggyback ECU -New coolant snout (ATS Racing) -New coolant snout support bracket (ATS Racing) -3 new stainless steel fuel lines (ATS Racing) -New double banjo bolt for TRD Fuel line -New triangle bracket (ATS Racing) - with needed bolt -Both TRD pulley spacers -Both used pulleys (I can provide part numbers for new pulleys if you prefer to replace these prior to install) -Used serpentine belt (longer than factory belt when running a TRD supercharger) -TRD instruction manual (feel free to send your email address to me and I will send these in PDF format for in-depth installation instructions review) The wires connecting the 9th injector harness to the TRD Piggyback ECU have been cut for removal and will need to be re-connected with solder or crimp connector when installing the unit. Small hoses/tubing will need to be purchased to complete the install. (easily obtained at your local parts store - installation guide lists sizes and lengths) Message me with any questions. Due to the nature and expense of this item there are absolutely bo returns or refunds.

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