Tesla Model 3 Door Open/Exit Sticker Decals(Set of 8) for Sale

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Tesla Model 3 Door Exit Decal Kit, Set of 8(you only need 4 but we send you 4 more just in case)

These decals let your Tesla Model 3 passengers know how to open the car door from the inside! Many colors to choose from.

If you choose glow in the dark it is a white vinyl and at night it will glow for 1 hour and re charge when its light out.


- 8 decals to a set so you do not have to worry about messing up (4 for the front, 4 for the back)

- Easy to install and provide bubble-free installation.

Install Instruction Note:

- For the GLOW IN DARK it does not come with transfer tape. We recommend taking a tweezers and grabbing the bottom just by a little and align it to your liking on the button. Then apply it down with light force releasing the bottom from the tweezers. Repeat the same process for the other 3 doors.

- For the other colors transfer tape will be provided, so all you need to do is cut it to the appropriate size, peel it from the backing, stick it on the decal and then align it to your liking with the button on the door. Then apply light force after applied and pull the transfer tape up slowly.Repeat the same process for the other 3 doors.

Please feel free to email us and we will get back to you within 1 to 24 hours

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