Stainless Downpipe Elbow 90° Holset Turbo HY HX V-band Flange Clamp 3" for Sale

Price: $64.95

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-Stainless Downpipe Elbow 90° Holset Turbo HY HX W/ 3" V-band Flange Clamp USAV-Band clamp and stainless gasket are included with the downpipe elbow as shown -- everything in the first picture is included.
Elbow has a threaded bung in it for an oxygen (O2) sensor.An excellent starting point for anyone installing one of these turbos and having a hard time finding the proper clamp and flange to build their downpipe.Easily attach your next section of the exhaust pipe to this with a 3" exhaust band clampThis is a stainless 3" downpipe elbow and clamp to fit the Holset turbos with the4.375" O.D. V-band outlet/downpipe attachment point. The outer diameter of the V-Band flange is 4.375"90° bend is kept as tight as possible to ensure clearance in the tightest of engine bays.

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