Saturn Sky Pontiac Solstice Windscreen Glass Plastic Trunk Mounting Hardware Kit for Sale

Price: $20.00




You will receive:

4x Black Mounting Spacers

4x Silver Zinc Corrosion Resistant Screws

These Washers are a Direct fit Specifically

Designed to fit The windscreens sold on my page.

The washer will need to be threaded first using mounting screws included.

That assures the screw is in tight and secures the washer from slipping or loosening.

Instructions for threading washer:

Hold the washer with your fingers and use a Philips screw driver.

Drive the mounting screw clockwise.

This creates a thread in the bore of the the washer.

Very simple and easy.

Ships USPS First class 3-5 days

If youPurchased hardware along with a windscreen they will be shipped togetherPriority Mail.

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