Saddlemen Explorer G-Tech Seat with SaddleGel MEMORY FOAM 06-17 DYNA HARLEY for Sale

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Saddlemen Explorer G-Tech Seat with SaddleGel MEMORY FOAM 06-17 DYNA HARLEY. Condition is "Used"

Brand Fitment: Harley-Davidson

Model Fitment: FXD / FXDWG Dyna Models (including FLD 2012-16)

Year Fitment: 2006-2017

A true innovation in riding comfort; the Explorer™ G-TECH combines elements of Saddlemen’s® famous touring seat family with the advancement of our patented Gel Channel technology that incorporates gel and a channel in the main foam.

Flexible fabric cover breathes well over a concealed gel channel and a layer of memory foam that conforms to the shape of the rider’s body to relieve pressure on the perineal area and increase blood flow to keep the rider and passenger comfortable and in the saddle longer. The deep, wide contours of the saddle are mated with a new nose shape to create a long distance saddle that helps the rider touch the ground with confidence at stops.

* A unique version of Saddlemen’s® popular touring seat family, engineered and styled to add superb comfort and quality to your motorcycle

* The seat’s contours have been carefully developed using our decades of experience to provide mile after mile of riding pleasure

* Standard-profile Explorer G-TECH™ seats have a similar or lower height as the original H-D seat, but with a carefully shaped front section so the rider can better touch the ground at stops

* The memory-foam, fabric and vinyl seat cover creates an exceptionally comfortable riding experience, especially when the weather get toasty

* This specialized and proprietary molded memory-foam cover has support panels for a unique, modern appearance that covers a Gel Channel foam foundation for cool comfort for hours on end

* Saddlemen’s® Gel Channel (GC) technology (patent pending) seats incorporate a split piece of SaddleGel and a channel in the base foam to relieve seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, thus keeping the rider in the saddle longer

* Exclusive, unique split-cushion design cover also separates the seating surface from the lumbar support, reducing tailbone and back pressure for maximum long-range comfort

* These seats feature large, plush lumbar sections that support the driver’s back and posterior so well that big miles add up before you notice it

* The passenger section has been altered to improve comfort by strategically adding foam height and shaping the seating area so the  passenger is not forced into the driver and has a better view over the driver’s shoulder.

* Most Explorer G-TECH seats are available with a built-in Saddlemen® driver’s backrest with a matching cover that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to the rider’s back and is removable for a sleek appearance

* The seat’s carefully engineered, gel-coated marine-grade fiberglass base with plated hardware is the foundation for a long service life

* Each seat is easy-to-install with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions included

* Designed and made in the U.S.A

I own 6 Harley’s and have been riding for 32 plus years. I also have been a certified Harley technician for 28 years. I’ve had the pleasure of pretty much riding every model Harley has to offer at one point in my career as a technician. That being said I’ve purchased this same seat for every model Harley I have owned. Yes! The seat is that comfortable! I’ve tried many different seats over the years with some good results but none have come close to the G tech seats comfort! I have suggested this same seat to all my customers who ask what I suggest to use for long trips and around town rides for comfort. I own softails, touring models as well as my Dyna which I have just sold. Hence why the seat is for sale. The seat is in great near perfect condition as Seen in the pictures I have posted. These seats sells new for $480 - $600. Get yours slightly used in great condition for much less

Know what you are buying and what model this item fits as there is no returns on this item. Thanks for looking and good luck offerding

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