Saab 9-3 radio CD control unit. OEM factory original stereo head.Perfect buttons for Sale

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ReplacementRadios, one of the largest factory audio/video websites, has branched out!! If you’ve been to our site, you know we have a HUGE selection of OEM radios and compatible accessories. Now we’re offering a few select products here too. Same great ReplacementRadios a new location.

  • Original Equipment (OEM) Saab 9-3 radio
  • Match your part number!!
  • Professionally remanufactured
    • To like new condition
  • Check the sales history
    • We've sold dozens to satisfied customers
  • Includes only what you see in the pictures
    • No wiring, no antennas, no display, etc
  • Intended for exact replacement only
    • Not for upgrades
  • Saab part number 12801812
    • Match this part number to yours!!!
  • Like new condition
    • Absolutely zero wear on the buttons
    • One or more of the 3 little knobs might be cracked*
  • 30 day warranty

APPLICATIONS This radio was offered as an option in the following vehicles. But that doesn't mean it fits EVERY vehicle that happens to be on the list. Check your part number and make sure it matches!! They made different versions for different years and equipment options. The Compatibility and Application Lists are just a starting point and should not trump the obvious need for common sense and basic research. Part number DOES matter!
  • Saab 9-3: 2003-2006

ADDITIONAL INFO*The three little knobs on the face do have a tendency to crack. It's a design flaw. As such, we cannot guarantee the unit you receive will not have cracked knobs. We apologize, but it's just the way it is. The knobs are what they are. They're not even available anymore and there is no revised replacement, so we have no control over it.*We don't give extensive details on the features of this radio because, if you're ordering this radio to replace the same part number, you should be familiar with the features. We advise you to check with your dealer if you have any concerns about features, applications or special installation considerations.Warranty Policy:If you have a defect within the warranty period (which shouldn't happen with a remanufactured radio), we offer replacement with the same part number only. No upgrades, downgrades, credits, refunds, etc. This radio is intended for exact replacement only. (Say, yours was stolen or is defective.) Please don't take a chance on this radio without checking your part number, thinking you can send it back if it doesn't work for you. That's not a warranty claim.
Shipping Policy:We ship fast. We provide tracking. (It is uploaded into the system.) We protect the item very well.

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