Racelogic Launch & Traction Control System for Sale

Price: $495.00

Used Racelogic Traction Control System for sale. This is used to help you get traction and launch your vehicle. I used it on my Grand Prix and it worked amazing. Sold the car and removed the traction control system to sell seperately. The RTC measures wheel slip using the ABS sensors. When it detects wheel slip above your programmed thresholds it cuts fuel to individual cylinders for each combustion event. Since the cylinder has no fuel it does not produce power or dump a bunch of fuel down your exhaust killing your cats. This decrease in power allows you to maintain maximium traction. The RTC maintains the power level to maximium traction level of your tires.

To install you need to solder/heat shrink the wires to your ABS sensors, fuel injectors, and ECM. Then run the dial and LED into the car. Mount the dial in your dash/console. Then plug your laptop into the RTC and adjust the settings to your car.

These are discontinued so they are hard to find. Last one on Ebay sold for $2,500 new!

Here is a link to the manual:http://www.racelogic.co.uk/_downloads/traction/Traction_Manual.pdf

*I had a buyer ask me what model this is. This is the TC-6 not the TC-8. Meaning it will cut fuel up to 6 fuel injectors. For a V8 install 2 injectors would not be used.

*I've also had several people ask about installing. You will need to splice into your fuel injectors and ABS wires. I strongly recommend you solder the wires for reliability. You also may need to extend the wires or buy more wiring if it doesn't reach. Additionally one set of wires goes into the cabin for the traction control switch, Led, and launch control switch. Launch control is used for a manual trans. I did not use it on my automatic Grand Prix.

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