OEM Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo C4S 19x8.5 19x11 Wheel Black Take Offs - Near Mint for Sale

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Up for sale is a set of 19” 997.1 Turbo wheels. These are the rarer black variant – most 997.1 Turbo wheels have polished faces with grey wheel pockets – these have black ones.

Wheel Specifications
Front: 997.363.156.05.041; 19x8.5 ET56
Rear: 997.363.162.02.041; 19x11 ET51

Engraving on the hub of each wheel read 997.362.156.05 for the fronts; 997.362.162.02 for the rears. However, these wheels are actually part number 997.363.156.05.041 (front) and 997.363.162.02.041 (rear). There are two variants of this wheel – polished faces with grey wheel pockets, and polished faces with black wheel pockets. The same wheel blanks were used for both variants resulting in a discrepancy between part numbers.
Wheels are intended for wide body 997 fitment, but will fit narrow body 997 cars with some caveats. On a narrow body 997, the rear wheel face will sit exactly flush with the rear fender, and the tire may protrude a bit depending on the tire type/size. On rare occasions, rear tire may rub on fender- especially on cars with lowered suspension.
These wheels were taken off a 997.1 Turbo shortly after purchase by the previous owner and replaced with aftermarket wheels. Wheels are free of any structural issues and do not have any bends or cracks. Cosmetically, wheels are a 9.5/10 and as close to perfect as a used set of wheels can be. Faces have a few superficial scratches, barrels have a few light stains/marks. One wheel has some minor scuffing along the lip from tire mounting/dismounting. No refinishing or repair work has been performed on the wheels. Pictures show a good sampling of the defects but not all.
In preparation of the sale, all 4 wheels were professionally ceramic coated with CeramicPro Wheel & Caliper by Hilliard Green Detailing Garage of Columbus, OH. This coating offers advanced protection from brake dust, hydrophobic properties and makes the wheels easier to clean.
Local pickup available in Columbus, OH.
Ships to physical addresses (no P.O. boxes) within the USA.
Midwest Euro Parts, LLC - Columbus, OH.

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