MPX (V2) Catless Downpipe - 2012+ Fiat 500 Abarth/500T, 500L & Dodge Dart 1.4T for Sale

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MPX V2 Catless Downpipe for the '12+ Fiat 500 Abarth/500T, 500L, 500X 1.4T. Also works on Dodge Dart 1.4T

*** Version 2 - No brackets to attach the factory heat shield which makes it easier to wrap the downpipe with heat wrap. ***
If you own a 1.4 Turbo engine (excluding the Fiat 124 Spider/Abarth) and want to remove your factory cat, this is the piece you need.We've crafted it out of T304 stainless steel a direct replacement downpipe for the factory cat unit. This bolts onto the turbo v band clamp on top and bolts to the B pipe on the bottom. Downpipe is equipped with 2 O2 Sensor Bungs so no matter what model year you have, the O2 sensor is in the exact same factory location (2015+ models have the O2 sensor closer to the turbo whereas the 2012-2014 have it located further away). A cap is included to seal whichever bung is not used.
This downpipe is 3.0" and transitions down to a 2.5".
Removing the cat will make for far less exhaust restriction and give your car a more aggressive exhaust tone. But, this is for off road use, and racing use only, and you wont be able to pass emissions testing in any state that does yearly emissions testing.Also, you must have some sort of PCM flash, or piggyback unit that disables the downstream 02 sensor monitoring. Otherwise, you'll have a check engine light pop up on your instrument cluster. So, please don't buy this unless you either have the pcm flash, or you don't care about the check engine light.
Applications:Fiat 500 Abarth/500TFiat 500LFiat 500X (1.4T)Dodge Dart (1.4T)
Part No: 226950
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