Ford Mustang 302 5.0 5.8 Cylinder Head Smog Thermactor Plugs SBF 351 TFS-5140026 for Sale

Price: $10.99

This is a kit of 4 thermactor plugs for Small Block Ford engines (302, 351W, 5.0).
These are useful when installing a pair of emissions legal heads on a non-emissions car. All OEM and aftermarket Ford smog legal heads have thermactor holes, one on each side of the head.
Each cylinder head takes 2 plugs. Check out our other items if you only need 2 plugs.
All OEM and aftermarket Small Block Ford heads have thermactor holes. These plugs block the holes for use on non-emission cars, and are internally threaded for accessory mounting. For use with GT40,GT40P, Trick Flow, World, AFR, etc.
Compare to Summit Racing/Trick Flow at almost $10.00 PER PLUG!
Some of these are silver in appearance, some are black hardcoat, all work equally well.
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I added a picture of a plug installed in a head. This is the intended use of these plugs. These plugsdo notwork as 02 sensor plugs.

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