Ford Focus ST Downpipe w/ Catalytic Converter (Includes O2 Sensors) for Sale

Price: $550.00

Ihave a stock factory Downpipe off of a 2014 Ford Focus ST. The Downpipe is factory from Ford and includes the ceramic catalytic converter. The Downpipe and catalytic converter have 22k miles on them at the time they were removed from the car.

The Downpipe and catalytic converter include both o2 sensors - one of which is wideband.

All parts are stock and the part numbers can be found below.

Catalytic Converter: CV61-5E211-P
O2 Sensor Upstream: BA5Z-9F472-A
O2 Sensor Downstream (Wideband): CM5Z-9G444-AFord Focus ST downpipe catalytic converter oxygen sensor stock down pipe catted.

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