Factory Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheels Tires Set 4 OEM GT3 RS 991 GTS Center Lock 20 for Sale

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Thislisting is for a set of four (4) genuine originalOEM/factory Porsche 911TURBO Swheels withfactory Porsche/PirelliP ZEROtires.

DESCRIPTION: Factory forged center-lock wheels from the 991-chassis Porsche 911.

CONDITION: This original factory set is guaranteed to be round, true, free of leaks, and neverreconditioned. Two minor marks that we smoothed-out similar to last image. But this is a really clean and original set. The polished highlights shine beautifully.

TIRES: These are all the original Porsche-issued Pirelli P ZERON0radials. N0is stamped right on the sidewalls, and signifies that these tires were manufactured by Pirelli expressly for Porsche.
Size: Per Porsche Factory-spec, the two on the front are245/35ZR-20and the two for the rear are305/30ZR-20
See tread images depicting one-each representing fronts and rears respectively. Front tires retain 80% of their original tread while the rears are just above 50% tread.

FITMENTS: Please only purchase these for a "wide body" 2013 through 2019 Porsche 911 which is the 991 chassis, that is factory-fitted with center-lock hubs. If your vehicle has 5-lug hubs then these will not fit.VALUE:Compare at $19,400.00 at the Porsche dealer's parts counter for these factory forged wheels and Porsche/Pirelli tires.

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