Factory AMG Mercedes-Benz Wheel E300 E400 19 inch 2019 OEM A2134012000 85607 for Sale

Price: $450

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OEM/FactoryMercedes-Benz AMGE-Class19"Wheel

This listing is for one (1) genuine factory Mercedes-BenzAMG19" x 8"wheel.

DESCRIPTION: Mercedes-Benz calls this design 5-Twin Spoke and it been running as an option the E-Class, beginning in 2017.

CONDITION: This genuine factory wheel had a few cosmetic marks associated with normal use, so we carefully re-powdercoated it just like the factory does in the correct original machined with charcoal finish and now it appears perfect and as-new. Guaranteed to be round, true and free of leaks. Not all who perform this service to so to the same degree of quality as it is part science but also an art, and our reputation speaks for itself.

FITMENT: All E-Class except E63 since the 2013 model year.

VALUE: Compare at $1,850.00 at the Mercedes-Benz dealer's parts counter

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