Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Windshield Decal - LAST ONE for Sale

Price: $22

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Monte Carlo SS Windshield Appliquefor the current late model Monte Carlo SS.Premium MetallicSilver and Red 5-year durableautomotive grade material.

MASSIVE 46" wide applique, fits perfectly in visor area, on the outside of the windshield,leaving forward visionunobstructed.

We've made installationease a priority!

Our windshield applique isdesigned with computer-placed locators for precise centering and positionalong with an illustratedinstruction sheet detailing aperfect, easy application, bet ya no other does!None of thatirritating "lookat my ME page," while you'rewith your Monte, applying your applique!

You may find another for less!Our appliqueis the only "high-quality"correct letter style for your "Monte" available!!!!

sale PhotoShows A Silver, Not White Applique... You Will Receive A Silver& Red Applique!

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