CDHpower Racing Carburetor & 32MM Reed Valve Intake for 2 stroke motor gas bike for Sale

Price: $50.99

Note:ifyoubuythiscarburetor and reed valve combo youcangetonefreeFuelPipe

Higher performance racing carburetor

Carburetor Requiredon19mmmanifoldintake

Product description

32mm Reed Valve:

Reed Valve Air Intake Kit,suit for 32mm manifold intake only for 2 cycle engine kit 80cc/66cc/48cc/50cc

Length of neck:20mm; Out Dia:19mm; Inside Dia:13.5mm

complete set with high quality fiber glass fins with great physical properties

Higher performance

Package Include: 1pc Racing carburetor, 1pc 32mm Reed Valve kit, 1pc Feul filter as a gift(color random)

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