Audi RS3 8V PFL FL Grille Number Plate Clips x2 Holder Bracket Fixing Twist Fix for Sale

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- Listing is for a set of clips (2)

Our new improved Universal Number Plate Clips have now arrived! Our clips are high quality, injected molded from polycarbonate. Don't settle for cheap 3D printed clips that are available. Being universal our clips will be a one time purchase and can be reused when changing car.

After months of design, prototypes and testing we have now launched our new Number Plate Clip that is completely universal!

Some of the improvements include;

Universal design - Incorporating a silicone backed nylon strap we no longer rely on honeycomb grilles, the strap can be wrapped around most grilles or any other part you desire.

Polycarbonate - To unlock the strongest and most resilient materials we have invested in tooling that allows us to manufacture our clips via injecting molding. Polycarbonate is one of toughest materials available, it's also very adaptable to weather and temperatures.

Transparent - We understand most car owners don't want ugly plinths and screws on display and despite only a tiny part of our clip being on show once the plate is clipped in, we wanted to go the extra step and make them transparent. This makes the clip almost undetectable.

Silicone backed Nylon strap - This is the key to the universal design, the strap which incorporates a hook and loop system for adjustment is also silicone backed, this gives the strap grip, protection and makes it more resilient to the elements.

Diecut foam protector - This foam protector has multiple uses the main purpose is to protect your grille against vibrations whilst driving but also compresses during fitting which allows the strap to be pulled tight and stops any movement.

We wanted to make sure our clips are up for the job so for the ultimate test we drove over a clip multiple times without failure, so we can safely say they are strong enough to hold a number plate!

Before ordering!

These clips require the number plate to be dimensionally accurate, the UK BS standard states 111mm. Unfortunately, not all manufactures of number plates are completely accurate with this dimension so it's very important you physically measure your plate first, don't take it for granted . Too small and the number plate won't be secure, too big the plate won't fit into the clip. There are methods you can use to adjust your number plate, we strongly recommend that you buy a plate that's the correct width.

Why and who should use our clips?

Car enthusiasts-

Our design opens up a lot of applications, our current biggest market is car enthusiasts who like the option to remove the number plate to keep it private, when sharing photos on social media. It really is a good idea to avoid scammers etc. They are also useful to help achieve that clean fresh look at car shows simply drive to the show remove the plate and pop it back on before leaving. Remember people like to take photos at car shows, so your registration could be shared without you knowing.

Car dealers, garages and detailers -

Our new design also allows you to cover a number plate with another commonly done by car garages, dealers, and dealers when posting adverts or promoting their work online. Simply place the strap around the existing number plate!

Trailers & tow cars

By law you need to display the number plate of the towing vehicle our clips can give you multiple options on where to place the number plate. If it's a car being towed you can attach the number plate on top of the existing plate.


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