AMC Magnum 500 14" Wheel Paint Mask Stencil Kit for Sale

Price: $9.95

Stencils Simplify Wheel Painting. Taking time on prep work will give you a better quality result. These easy-to-use stencils will reduce the tediousness of masking-off the tight areas on yourMustang Magnum 500wheels and help improve the quality of your paint job. Eachkit comes with enoughstencils for covering the raised spoke portions of five completewheels. Stencils are computer generated using a commercial grade masking material, not paper or a masking tape material.

A little history about this wheel:

This wheel line was made by the Motor Wheel Corporation, one of the most prolific producers of steel "styled" wheels during the 1960's and 70's. In addition to custom aftermarket wheels, they made wheels for virtually all American auto makers during the Muscle Car era. Many of their designs are considered classics today. Chevy lovers remember the Chevelle SS wheel, Mustang fans, the Magnum series. Curiously, many do not realize that they are minor variations of the same wheel! Chrysler, AMC and Oldsmobile muscle cars also used this wheel in different combinations of size, chrome components, trim rings, center caps, etc.

Note:this stencil kit is for 14" wheels.

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