6L80 - 6L90 - 8L90-10L90 SureCool Cooling System Upgrade 2014-Up Superior STL010 for Sale

Price: $45.90

GM 6L80 Transmission Cooling System Upgrade
Fits 2014-upCadillac Chevy GMC Cars and trucks
Fits all 2014-up 6L80/90 AND
NOW FITS 8L80/90E 2016-upalso fits 10L90
Superior’s Cooler Flow bypass valve kit with TransLab’s patented and patent pending Flow~Control™
cooler bypass technologies allows full time cooler flow and lube to parts “so you’re not hot under the collar”…you’re SURE~COOL®
• Built in safety bypass • Immediate cooler fill.
• Immediate accurate fluid level check without warm-up cycle
• Reduced average operating temperatures by as much as 20%
• Reduced risk of overheat while under load, Increased ATF life.
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