50feet (15m) Car Door Edge Guard Molding Trim Protector U Shape Strip Black for Sale

Price: $13.95

  • Made from quality flexible rubber. Waterproof, isolator noise, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance.It is good equipment to protect your vehicle from nicks, chips & scratches, suitable for most universal car.
  • Can be use in the metal edge of the car body between the car door and car body. In the external edge of the car door and more.Also can be use in the window above the car. Window panel minibus. Border heavy equipment. Covering the edge of the sharp metal.
  • Full size U shape channel designed to fit easily over any door edge.
  • Super easy to install, easy to cut with scissors.
  • Protect the value of your car, truck or SUV. Finally an alternative to the overpriced door edge guards that car dealers sell.
Please watch this video before using this pad !https://youtu.be/HEZNoaSjua8 Why it is necessary?

Opening and closing your car doors can be a pain in a parking lot. You have to be extra careful to not hit the vehicle parked next to you. Slamming a car door into a neighboring vehicle can be a costly expense, but there are ways around it.

Door edge guards need to do two things: They need to act as a car door protector against nicks and dings, and they need to look good by working with — not clashing against or distracting from — your paint job.

Steel Coating Black Rubber

This door guard is made with a thick strand of rubberized and steel material to protect your car door from scratches, paint chips, and rust. It can even reduce the amount of noise the doors make when being closed.

The guard is versatile and can be installed on almost any door as well as the hood and tailgate. The material is able to conform and shape around curves and grooves and clings to the metal or plastic snuggly and securely without glue or tape.

The U-shaped door edge guards

This door guard is waterproof, reduces noise, and is corrosion and high temperature resistant. It is also simple to install on any door on the car.

The flexible trim can be cut with a knife or pair of scissors to mold around any corner or sharp edge. The guard prevents hot and cold air from leaking out the door. The trim will also keep water, dust, and dirt from getting inside.

Transparent Strip Door Sill and Door Edge Protector

Do you want the door edge guards to disappear and do their job without being seen?

It is designed with UV protection to extend its life and ensure it won’t fade, peel, fall off, or harm your paint job. This also makes it withstand and absorb damaging impacts.

Car Door Edge Guard - Clear

The U-shaped door edge guards use pressure-sensitive glue at their center to create a tight seal that allows their sides to hug the edge in need of protecting, like your hand clamping onto the edge of a table. These strips will extend on either side of the door edge.

This product is developed with a strong, durable plastic trim material that fits around edges, curves, and grooves with ease. Plus, it features a clear door edge trim to blend in with your car.

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