2008-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX Exhaust Manifold Header 08-14 for Sale

Price: $278.99

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2008-2014 Subaru Impreza WRX Exhaust Manifold Header 08-14
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Up for sale is a used wrx Header Manifold.

This part was removed from a 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan Manual Transmission

This part is in good working condition, and may have some minor wear or scratches visible from the pictures. We do our best to point out any imperfections but if you are unsure about something, please contact us.

Fitment Info

MakeModelYearTrimEngineSubaruImpreza2014WRX Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Limited Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Limited Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Limited Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Limited Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Limited Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Premium Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Premium Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2008WRX Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX STI Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX STI Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX STI Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX STI Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2008WRX STI Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2008WRX Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX STI Special Edition Wagon 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2012AllAllSubaruWRX2014AllAllSubaruWRX2013AllAllSubaruWRX STI2013AllAllSubaruWRX STI2014AllAllSubaruWRX2012Base Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2012Base Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2012STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2012STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013Base Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013Base Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2013STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014Base Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014Base Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014Limited Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruWRX2014STI Sedan 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2008WRX Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Limited Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX Premium Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2014WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2013WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2012WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2011WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2009WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2008WRX STI Hatchback 4-DoorAllSubaruImpreza2010WRX STI Special Edition Hatchback 4-DoorAll

  • Brand: Subaru
  • VIN: JF1GE75618G500814
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Does Not Apply
  • Exterior Color:GREY
  • Model: WRX
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Color Code: 61K
  • Stock: 160802
  • Year: 2008
  • Warranty: 90 Day
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