2003-2010 Saab 9-3 2.0L Turbo ECU ECM Pulled from running Saab Tested for Sale

Price: $175

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I have an ECMs for all Saab 9-3's 2003-2012 (2011-2012 require special ordering instructions)

The ECMs come from running sale cars with no CEL (Check Engine Lights)

Very Important:I am not responsible for the programming of this ECM

if you are not able or do not have someone to program the ECM please do not buy the ECM. If for some reason the ECM does not function properly this is not a "Item as NotDescribedCase). I will report any buyer that abuses the return must be programmed using a Tech 2 and Saab software

Please contact when ordering ECM for specific year and model

Before you shop around for the cheapest price keep in mind these are guaranteed to work and areaccuratelyship based on your specific application. They are all test in running engine not just pulled out of cars and hope for the best.

Tested and working properly. 100% guaranteeor your money back (less shipping)!

I have an ECM for all Saab 9-3's 2003-2012 Please contact when ordering ECM for specific year and model

Quality Used Saab Parts

Saab 9-3 ECU 55352688 or similar will fit all Saab 9-3 4 cylinder 2003-2006

Tech 2 programming required (no returns if ordered by accident or "no longer needed" please be considerate

Checking to see if this will work in your car?

Here is the break down

Saab 2.0t Engines

2003-2006 used all the same ECMs (regardless of the part #)

2007-2011 used all the same ECMs (regardless of part #)

Saab 2.8t 6 cylinder engine

2006 year ECM will only fit 2006

2007-2009 all the same part #'s

I deal with Saab parts on a small personable level, shipping is almost always same or next day! I have been working on Saabs for over 10 years and I want to help you keep them on the road. In other words, this is what I do! Saabs! sales are buy it now or make an offer (seriously make an offer)I am not on to get rich, I want to keep Saabs on the road!

If you have any issues with the item, please return it for a full refund, with that said these are used part so they will never be “brand new” again, hence the lower price vs a new part.

Keep Calm and Saab oN !

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