1999 Ford F150 Lightning SVT OEM 18" Wheel Original Super Rare Clean 12mm Lug for Sale

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Price: $895.00

For your consideration is a super rare and very clean original 1999 Ford F150 Lightning OEM 18" wheel with a center cap. This is the 12mm stud wheel available on the 1999 and some 2000 model trucks before they were switched to 14mm studs, but these also work on 14mm stud trucks with slightly tighter fit. This wheel is in great condition with only one tiny flaw identified in the picture. Other than that this wheel in in exceptional original condition, not refurbished like some others out there. The center cap is aftermarket, but it fits well and looks fine. Nice wheel and pictures don't do it justice! Price includes shipping.

Note:Do not use eBay's vehicle fitment guide. It doesn't provide accurate information.

My Wheels:As a small operator I go to greatlengths to seek out only the nicest examples. Your wheels will come from thecentral Texas area and you can rest assured that they have not seen winterweather conditions resulting in salt chemical corrosion. Most of my wheels areclose to new low mileage dealer or shop takeoffs and are scrutinized forquality. Some wheels are rare, unusual or older sets that are difficult to findand I seek them out for the enthusiasts out there.

Shipping:Your wheels will ship via FedEx sameor next business day, in most cases. Shipping timeline is 2-5 days depending onlocation with weekend deliveries quite common. I discourage anyone from buyingmy wheels if you have any thoughts of returning them. While returns areavailable, they are cumbersome to the buyer due to bulk and weight, costly forboth parties and the risk of damage is present. As a small operator shippingcosts are the killer. They are high and I am absorbing the cost of shippingthem to you, but nothing affects my business negatively more than returns, soplease be mindful and respectful of the individual business owner. I hope you canunderstand and appreciate why returns are discouraged.

Packaging:Feel confident that your wheels willnot be just thrown in a box with the hope that they will arrive undamaged. Ipersonally pack and ship each wheel and take pride in my work. I developed myown packaging that’s been successful over the years with extremely rareinstances of damage. Each wheel will ship in a sturdy double wall box withadditional protection inside and wheel faces protected with two layers of foamsheets. On the outside, each box will be taped and secured with nylon strappingto keep its integrity and with multiple “fragile” labels. Do not expect thatevery other seller on ebay will offer your wheels this level of attention andcare. I will take good care of your wheels and will give them the same highlevel attention whether they cost $400 or $4000.

Pricing:I make every effort to price my wheelscompetitively and fairly. My wheels may not be the least expensive sets onebay, but definitely some of the nicest. It takes time and effort on my part tolocate each and every set. I hope you will take into consideration that you aredealing directly with the owner operator and not some big corporation moreinterested in volume sales than the quality of their product and service. Ifyou are serious about buying my wheels and have any questions please don’thesitate to message me. I will promptly answer any questions that you may have.You can also reach me directly by clicking the “Visit store” link and clickingthe “About” tab of my store page.

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