Oldsmobile Aurora Street Racing & Drag Racing Videos

Aurora Drag Racing
Here's the 2001 aurora Drag Racing.

Aurora V8 vs old camaro
1997 Olsmobile Aurora drag races Camaro.

Oldsmobile Aurora vs. Oldsmobile Alero Highway Run
This is a short video of my Aurora racing my friends 2000 Alero. Aurora Autobahn- 4.0L V8 Alero Coupe- 2.4L I4.

aurora race
aurora race.

july aurora meet drag racing
just having some good old fashioned fun.

oldsmobile ;) vs honda

Honda Civic beats Olds Aurora
Just too many options too keep up.

another drag race
the red aurora is an autobahn the other one is not,going the other way this time.

oldsmobile ;) vs mustang
hi!hi!hi! cool!

Aurora vs. Mustang GT
Two 50mph highway pulls.

Burnouts and Drive bys
Being bored after hours List: Aurora- Straight pipes and K&N Lancer Ralliart- Cat back Exhaust Impala SS- CAI, Straight pipes with electronic cutouts (closed for the video) Escort-...

mrfreez's Aurora
My first run down the drag strip!